Coco Biochar Chunks

Coco Biochar Chunks

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Coconut husk fiber + biochar blocks for animal litter & bedding, soil amendment and composting  A revolutionary new alternative for chicken and small animal bedding that's great for both traditional systems and "living litter" approaches.


How it works:


Coconut husk fiber (coir) chunks absorb many time their weight in water, keeping coops dry and soils evenly moist as they slowly release it. In the garden its coarse texture keeps air spaces open and improves drainage. This structure also makes it an ideal substrait for colonization by beneficial microbes and fungi. 


Biochar is a type of charcoal used for centuries to improve agricultural soils. It is also revered for its odor absorbing and scientifically-documented ability to neutralize toxins, both internally and externally.


Both the coconut fiber and coconut shell biochar (charcoal) are sustainably produced from coconut waste and are triple washed to remove salts.


Convenient compressed blocks are (1'x1'x5" 9lbs) are easy to break-apart and expand to cover a 4'x4' area aproximately 2" deep. Safely reduces brooder mess, particularly when combined with a nipple drinker designed for chicks.


Our chunks are also terrific in the garden: We use them as mulch, a soil amendment and in soiless mixes & hyroponics, and in compost piles for carbon and lightening texture.


Join the revolution!

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