While we strive to offer all customers the very best customer service we will, from time to time, fall short of your expectations. We encourage you to please contact Robert, the owner, directly with any suggestions or concerns, large or small, to help us do a better job for you. 

Please consider reaching out to us directly before posting negative or punishing reviews or social media posts. You will find that we take responsibility for our shortcomings and will be very receptive to your input. 

Because we are a small, family owned business and customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we respond immediately to improve if given the chance. The owner, Robert, will contact you personally to address your concerns and do the right thing.


  • Webstore orders are free to return for any defective product with no additional fee.

  • Webstore returns of non-defective products (don't like, wrong size etc.) may be subject to a 10% restocking fee and customer may be responsible for return postage. Each return of this type will be reviewed individually to determine if these some or all of these costs may be applied.

  • All returns and exchanges at our physical store must be accompanied by a receipt. We may be able to locate the receipt in our computer if the store is not too busy. This is a great reason to join our “customer appreciation program” at time of your first purchase as this makes it easy to look up purchases.
  • Returned items must be exchanged at the time of return as no gift cards will be issued.
  • Sale priced items are sold as is and are not refundable or returnable.
  • Only items in re-sellable condition may be returned or exchanged. Defective items may be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of purchase.
  • Other items are may be eligible for exchange or refund at manager’s discretion.

Feed Returns:

Feed in unopened, sellable condition may be returned within 30 days of purchase for full refund. We must limit feed returns to this period to ensure freshness. 

Opened bags of feed cannot be returned unless they are stored in a cool dry place and are discovered to be moldy, wet or otherwise inedible when first opened even after proper storage. Animals unwilling to eat it is not a valid reason for return as they often take a few days to adjust to a new feed. 

Live Plants and Animals:

Poultry and plants are living things and sometimes will simply not thrive. For this reason, we generally allow for replacement of dead plants and chicks for a period of 48 hours after purchase. We will not refund plants or chicks that have not been cared for correctly at any time. All chick and plant returns or exchanges are at our discretion and your request may be respectfully denied.

We are not responsible for the condition of worms, chicks, or other living things that are ordered through us but not picked up on the scheduled day. 

As much as we sympathize, we are not able to refund or exchange poultry with illnesses or malformations beyond the 48 hour period.  


Please note: We are generally no longer able to accept roosters for relocation due to constraints of our new location. In some cases we may be able to make exceptions so please contact us.

If you purchase a chick or pullet from us that was supposed to be sexed (only females sold) and she turns out to be a he, we will credit your original purchase price toward any other chick or pullet in stock (sorry, no other items). We are the only store I know of that has any policy like this at all!

This means if you buy a chick from us that turns out to be a rooster (you must be in the customer loyalty program or keep your receipt to prove you got him here) that we will give you a $5.95 store credit to use to buy either A) A new chick, which would be free or B) A started (older) pullet, reducing her price from $25 to $19.05. If you get a started pullet from us ($25) and she turns out to be a he, you will get a store credit of $25 to apply to A) Chicks (up to 4 free) or B) Another started pullet (which would be free)

Rewards Program & Discounts:

Please note: Loyalty (aka rewards) Discounts are used in our physical store only, they are not available to use or accrue on the webstore at this time.

1) Loyalty discounts may not be applied to any special orders. Examples: Coops, feed in large quantities, pet food/feed special brands, dehydrators, metal stock tanks, tools, electric fences, composters etc. 

     1a) To restate in the positive, loyalty discounts are redeemable for in-stock items only

2) Loyalty discounts may not be applied to any quantity discounted items or sale items. Examples: 4 or more bags of feed that get 10% off already, egg cartons in large quantities, price-reduced items (see next exclusion)

3) Discounts can not be combined. Examples: Coupons + quantity discounts or loyalty program discount + quantity discounts, sale items + loyalty discounts



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