Another Big Thank You

I want to recognize the hard work and effort that our staff, Dan, Jeremy, and Tonya put-in during this challenging time. They cleaned the brooders twice as often and helped about twice as many customers as usual. As a reward I'm giving them a paid weekend off June 25th and 26th. I am trying to rearrange my schedule so I can staff the store solo but, at a minimum, I'll be able to do deliveries at least one day that weekend to reduce potential inconvenience to our customers.

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A Big Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone who offered to help with the graphic design and branding of the new feed bags. I had no idea there were so many talented people out there! I'm still wading through the over 100 responses that I received that still trickle in. If I have not gotten back to you yet, it only means that the purpose of our connection has not yet revealed itself and that I'm a slow typist. Beyond all that, it was truly touching how many of you offered to work at reduced rates or trade in support of my cause....

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The Tribble Farm

chicken keeping chicks

In related news, I'm almost done with a another massive expansion of the pullet run and coop at my home! This will double my capacity to move out those awkward, "teenaged" 2-7 week old birds when the brooders are getting crowded. They leave as scruffy fledglings, but return as the much in demand "started pullet" or even more desirable "at point of lay" that we all love so well. I'm going to skip the beetle and go straight for the converted school bus coop next!

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The Trouble With Tribbles

bricks and mortar blues chicken keeping chicks

Remember when the hatchery mistakenly sent us a massive order of chicks ordered by a farm store back east? Well, now our brooders are full of 2-6 week old chicks and, while we like to keep lots of extras to raise for started hens, this is a bit much. So I've decided to take a bunch home to care for and give away the most of the rest to good homes.

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Bat Houses

bats pest control

Did you know that a single bat can eat 600 mosquitoes in a single evening? They also eat corn borers, cabbage moths and a number of other garden pests. You can encourage them to hang around your yard by setting up a bat house. It's as easy as climbing a ladder and placing one screw. Soon, up to 20 bats will call your neighborhood home. Site selection is important: They prefer to live 12-15' off the ground on a warm, south facing wall. So that's where I sent fearless Hannah! She put our's under the gable end of our garage roof, but...

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